EC/Wholesale Service

Start EC Business Just with Your Products

GDL,Inc. offers one-stop solution on EC business. Our clients don’t need to be worried whether they have their own EC site or not. Because our company can purchase and sell your products with our EC site. Once we get an order , we will start the fulfillment service and make sure the products can be sent to end users as soon as possible.

Countless Sales Channel are Available

Our company has a lot of accounts at many on-line shopping malls and EC sites. Not only domestic EC business but also cross-border EC can be provided. We will give our clients the most suitable sales channel according to the features and background of their products. The consultation of making effective use of surplus inventory can also be provided by our company.

On-line shopping malls and EC sites Examples

Wholesale Business

In addition to sell your products on our own EC site, we can also wholesale the products to various retailers. In other words, both of BtoB and BtoC business can be handled by our company.