Logistics Business

Connect with Customers Through Logistics

When the products are purchased by your EC site or online shopping mall, we will follow the order data and start shipping operation such as picking packing and labelling etc. As soon as the shipment operation is finished, we will contact with our delivery partner and send the products to ender users as soon as possible.

Cost Reduction Initiatives

With the increasingly expensive delivery fees. We will listen to your delivery issues and requirements, then make the best shipping plan on your products, especially in GDL, Inc. We will do whatever we can do to carry out the cheapest fulfillment and delivery plan so that you can make a profit even with a small part. Not only with our delivery partner but also the delivery plan can be customized in various ways. For the products which require packaging, our company will offer a supply chain from material procurement to packing.

Shipping Fee Includes Picking Fee

The shipping fee in our company’s quotation will include the picking fee. We have multiple large-scale warehouses in Saitama Prefecture. If you look forward to finding low-cost delivery partner, please contact to us.

Choose Suitable Delivery Company

Although the Sagawa Express is our main delivery partner. We can still offer other delivery company such as Yamato Transport, Japan Post, and Eco-distribution etc. Our customers can find the most suitable delivery company for themselves.

Mail Box Delivery Service

We can offer Hikyaku mail service, Kuroneko DM service, Yu-packet, etc, for light and small products delivery and we also provide set-products selling which are assorted by our own materials. Both of the delivery methods can help you with your cost reduction.

Preparation for Low Cost Materials

We will prepare for low-cost materials which are suitable for your products size such as dedicated cardboard boxes, tattoo-style cardboard boxes, and envelopes, etc. Especially when you have massive orders need to be handled, we will eliminate the useless materials and maximize your benefits.

Customer Needs Assessment

In addition to normal delivery and products, we can handle various cases. Please let us know your detailed requests regarding logistics.

Deal with Special Logistics Project

We can bring our own packing machine to the manufacturer’s warehouse and start packing and unloading operations at the manufacturer’s spot so that our customer can send their products from manufacturer’s warehouse to end user directly.

Amazon Prime Certification

The products which is sent from our warehouse can get an amazon prime mark so that our clients can sell their products on Amazon website with prime mark. It could increase your benefits when you sell your products on Amazon.

Various Certification in Logistics

Not only we have Amazon prime certification, but also acquired antiquarian products certification and liquor license. We can deal with a lot of special products in our warehouse.

Inventory Management System

Lots of customers are bothered with their inventory management. We can use your own system in our warehouse to manage products or we can also offer you with our original inventory management system to handle your products from storage to shipment.


We can operate inventory management, purchase status, quality management and accounting, using your company’s system.


If you don’t have a system, we can also prepare own inventory management system. We provide total support for logistics as well as delivery.

Comprehensive Logistics Services

At GDL, Inc. We are not just offer fulfillment service to our clients. When you have a problem on the freight claim please contact with us.

Call Center Operation

We can customize with our call center team to match up with our client’s needs, such as the number of communication lines and personnel, flexible timeline of reception center, etc. In this case, we can handle the freight claim and returning process as soon as possible.

Fixing with Products Disposal

We will evaluate the products for disposal due to long-term absence, damaged products, closing expiration dates, etc. Some of the products can be bought by our company. In some cases, one of our clients whose monthly disposal fee were reached 1.5 million yen has become 0 yen when they signed with our company.

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Logistics Consultation

Please feel free to contact us for any questions, such as estimates or current problems.

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