Higashimatsuyama Sagawa SRC

We own a part of Sagawa Express logistics center in Higashimatsuyama, Saitama.

This place can be connected to the national distribution network directly without passing through the downtown. It is a state-of-art-logistics center with large scale cross dock and stock function.

Making use of the location of this warehouse, we can finish delivery and shipment operation efficiently and it is possible to send out products in the same day.

  1. Characteristic
  2. Overview

  • Great access to the national distribution network as well as the Kanto suburbs.
  • Highly efficient delivery and shipment operation in Sagawa center.


Sagawa SRC 2F E Section 1, Bandoyama , Higashimatsuyama, Saitama 355-0067, Japan

Holding area



By train
About 10 minutes by taxi from "Takasaka Station" on the Tobu Tojo Line

By car
From Kanetsu Expressway "Higashimatsuyama IC", take the first branch to the right and the next branch to the left. Enter National Route 254.
Turn right on National Highway 254 "In front of the Inter" and go southwest to enter Prefectural Road 41.
Turn right at prefectural road 41 "Katsubukuro" and turn left at the next traffic light. (About 10 minutes / 2.8km)